Educating retailers on a brand-new adidas silhouette.


Educating retailers on a brand-new adidas silhouette.

For the past six months, I’ve been absorbed into the world of P.O.D – a brand new adidas shoe with unrivalled technology to make even non-sneaker heads a little excited.

To give you a bit of background, in the 90s adidas made a mark with its two-tone trainer design – now counted as a classic. adidas has brought this design back with a modern twist. The most distinctive feature of the trainer is the ‘podular’ outsole. To provide natural motion and stability, adidas has used three different sole technologies – an EVA forefoot, Boost heel and Point of Deflection bridge. This is the P.O.D System.

To celebrate the launch, Intermarketing was briefed to organise a hands-on two-day event. The aim was to educate retailers on the new release and drive their understanding of the new technologies behind the build of the trainer – while creating a one-off ‘wow’ moment for those involved of course.

To create this ‘educational event’, we had our P.O.D experts on-site and arranged for retailers to design their own unique cardboard trainers, using each of the three individual technology layers. In the video, you’ll also see our GIANT centrepiece that highlighted the new technologies in a larger than life way.

All in all, we had around 50 attendees each night. The experts offered direction and inspiration to those taking part, resulting in some fantastic designs. By the end, there wasn’t an unglued piece of fabric left.

As part of my Tap Academy assignment I borrowed a camera from our motion department, taught myself how to use it and filmed the 2-day event. After watching various YouTube tutorials on how to use iMovie I finally got there in editing my video 😊. Check it out below to see what went down.

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