What We Learnt At PI Live


What We Learnt At PI Live

After a whirlwind couple of days at PI Live, the partnerships team have returned to the office. Our quirky double bed stand drew plenty of attention and our designer Sarah Madden’s 5-minute portraits had people queuing up! We were able to speak to copious amounts of people about what Intermarketing offers in terms of Partnerships, Affiliates and Influencer marketing and left with business cards coming out of our ears. During the chaos Will Blackledge and I managed to sneak off and see a few talks, here’s what we learnt…

Influencer Marketing Hacks for 2018

  • Users are 8 times more likely to engage with an influencer post than a brand’s own content
  • Long term collaborations work better than one-off campaigns as they appear more authentic
  • When scrolling through social media, 10% of users remember text, whereas 90% of users remember video
  • 4/5ths of content viewed online will be video next year
  • Influencer marketing is best seen as a longer term, brand awareness strategy so shouldn’t be measured on metrics such as ‘last click’.

Pinterest: Is It Search or Is It Social?

Spoiler alert: it’s both. Although this talk did cover some interesting stats…

Pinterest works so well because it plays to its strengths. It isn’t invasive, it doesn’t care what your jobs is or who you’re in a relationship with…Pinterest understands if you just want to spend an hour scrolling through home inspo.

  • 93% of users use Pinterest to plan purchases
  • There has been a 40% growth in male users
  • Ads are keyword targeted making them more well-received. Users only receive content they have asked to be served
  • People use Pinterest to start looking at Christmas gift ideas in October. The recommended time to retarget is November – December.

How to Make Your Brand Famous

This talk was brought to us by the people behind KA’s Grime Awards. We learnt that the best way to create a successful partnership was to bring two brands together that work effortlessly.

KA found out that grime artists had grown up drinking the fizzy drink and so it seemed like a natural fit for them to sponsor a grime event. As a result, the event was incredibly well received and an awards ceremony that started off in a church in East London ended up being broadcasted on Channel 4 last year.

All in all, we learnt a huge amount at PI Live and got to meet some great brands, agencies and tech providers, all while getting to show off what Intermarketing can do.

Until next year, PI Live. We’ll be back!

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