Discover the Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium is a place devoted entirely to the imagination, thoroughly inspired by ‘us’ – our business, our surroundings, and our amazingly fantastical teams.

Like Intermarketing Agency, this magical, mystical machine is connectively made up of different departments – each working together in glorious harmony to dream up the biggest and brightest ideas, which are then distilled into drops of pure creativity.

Call in and see us to experience Imaginarium for yourself.

But imagination isn’t the only thing powering this curious contraption. Behind the scenes, our resident squirrels can be spotted sprinting on shed mills, to power the lightbulbs above our heads and bring our brilliance to life.

The result of all this? A curious collection of thinkers, creators and doers who make things happen through intelligent thinking, exceptional creative and brilliant delivery.

Oh, and one fantastically infused gin

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