Intermarketing accompany charity client EveryChild on Nepal field trip


Intermarketing accompany charity client EveryChild on Nepal field trip

Nickii Gray, Head of Client Services at Intermarketing, has just returned from Nepal where she has been on a ten day field trip to Kathmandu and surrounding provinces with charity client EveryChild.

Nickii travelled with EveryChild’s Deputy Director of Fundraising, Craig Mullaly, and volunteer professional photographer, David Brunetti , to collect photographs, video and case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of EveryChild’s work to their supporters. The information will help EveryChild highlight the plight of children without parental care in Nepal, who have left their homes to become domestic workers, with the hope of securing a better life.

This is the first time the charity has invited an agency to accompany them on a field trip, and a wonderful opportunity for Intermarketing to contribute and to see the work first hand.Craig Mullaly said: “We have worked very closely with Intermarketing for several years, the work they’ve done with us includes brand development, recruitment and retention mailings, fundraising product development, magazines and digital, and it made sense for one of their team to join us on this trip. There are many advantages of Nickii travelling with us and it gave us extra capacity to collect case studies, we also tasked her with collecting video and audio for social media use. It is hugely beneficial for us, having a non-EveryChild person, with a charity fundraising focus, present to provide a different perspective first hand. For Intermarketing it was an opportunity to live and breathe what the client does and what their purpose is.

Steve Sowden, Managing Partner, Intermarketing, said: “This demonstrates Intermarketing’s commitment to our clients and the lengths we go to to understand them and live and breathe their work. Nickii has gained invaluable insight into the work donations are funding and ultimately help to create more insightful and engaging communications and increase funds for EveryChild.”

Nickii is now catching up with work back in the office and will be sharing her learning and photos in the coming days. Watch this space for updates.

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