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And because…

By Adam Reynolds on Nov 02, 2015

If there’s one thing guaranteed to get a copywriter’s goat, it’s being told not to start a sentence with ‘And’, ‘Because’ or worst of all, that dastardly duo ‘And because’.

And why is that? Because a lot of people remember their English teacher saying that’s not the way things are done. Well, what I’m going to say next might come as a surprise… your English teacher wasn’t teaching advertising copy.

Unlike that book you bought to read on the beach, no one chooses to read ad copy. It’s an interruption to your day. A disruption to your web browsing. An intrusion in your magazine. An inconvenience on your doormat.

Ad copy is the words no one wants to read. That’s why it has to work so hard. We have to make people read.

More than that, we have to get people from the first word to the last in one go. No putting it down to top up your sun tan lotion or go for a swim. People don’t come back to pick up from where they left off. It’s one take or nothing.

To make this happen each line has to feed into the next. Pushing the reader forward. Keeping them engaged. Overcoming their objections. Nudging them into action.

So with apologies to English teachers everywhere, occasionally we fly in the face of your lessons. We show a flagrant disregard for your rules. And that includes saying things the way we would in person, rather than by the book. Because our language isn’t your language.