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Christmas everyday.

By Adam Reynolds on Nov 09, 2017

The nation’s kids have come down from their Halloween sugar high and the nation’s pets are just about recovered from our annual interpretation of the invasion of Baghdad. So naturally our minds turn to the next big thing in calendar, Christmas.

The John Lewis ad isn’t even out yet but people are already falling over themselves to talk about it. I’ve seen ‘friends’ on social media actually counting down the days until its release. These are people with jobs and mortgages. Sharpening their elbows to be first to offer it up to an expectant crowd like the Lion King. Which got me thinking, what is it about Christmas ads that captures our collective imagination so well?

They’ve become as central to the festivities as turkey and tinsel. Endlessly discussed, debated and compared like Top Trumps. Generating acres of coverage and proving that people still pay attention to and talk about ads, and are happy to let them into their lives. But what is it that makes Christmas ads so much more popular than those running throughout the rest of the year?

In part, it’s because they’re central to a genuinely national event. In some cases, events themselves. A signal giving us permission to start six weeks of over-spending washed down with several days over-indulgence. Like flicking a switch in our hive mind. A bright light in the darkness of winter. Something we’d miss if it wasn’t there.

Add to that how much Christmas means to retailers. Faced with the prospect of gloomy results in tough trading conditions, they invest heavily in an all-out assault of joy, wonder and myrrh. Imbuing us with the magic of the season by any means possible. Promising the best Christmas ever. Trying to shift every last gift to go under every last tree. After all, the more you buy the more it shows you care.

It’s just a shame the same efforts aren’t applied all year round. Because if you want more attention, more customers and more revenue, it really should be Christmas every day.