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Consumer demands.

By Adam Reynolds on Mar 29, 2016

My favourite stupid marketing statement of the week is…

‘It’s no longer going to be acceptable to just broadcast messages as consumers are going to demand real-time experience enhancements from brands.’

The key word here is ‘demand’. As though the public are going to rise up, wielding pitchforks and lanterns. This angry mob of thousands will march on the brands. Kicking down barricades. Trampling past poor old Bob on the security desk like Godzilla with an enormous sense of entitlement. Once inside Brand HQ they’ll refuse to leave until their demands are met.

‘What do we want?’

‘Real time experience enhancements!’

‘When do we want them?’


Meanwhile, back in reality… The comment was in relation to Kiip. That’s the mobile advertising network that connects brands with consumers through a moment-based reward platform. Or in simpler terms, giving people free stuff.

The truth is, no one is going to demand free stuff from anyone. If it’s offered, sure, it gets taken. People like free stuff after all. But the idea that consumers will demand it is as laughable as the scenario described above.

The belief that consumers care deeply about brands has been debunked. The fact that you have to offer people free stuff to have anything to do with you is further proof. Just because the free stuff is delivered via a clever app doesn’t change that.

I can say this with some confidence because I’m a consumer. As a consumer, what I want from brands is pretty simple. I want them to live up to their promises and be good at what they do. Whether that’s making chocolate, washing powder or clothes.

Talking of which, must dash. The Emperor is on his way and I hear he’s got a fancy new outfit.