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Content Marketing Is A Hot Trend Because It’s What Consumers Want To Read

By IMA on Jul 25, 2019

Wouldn’t you rather read an intriguing article or chuckle at a funny meme than be sold something?

Content marketing is taking an idea, an opinion, original data and raw results and getting everyone talking about it – whether that’s through digital PR tactics or social media strategies.

This relatively new buzzword ‘content marketing’ is used frequently within many different marketing strategies. It’s a tactic that can be used to amplify almost any campaign as long as the thought is there right from the beginning.

Content marketing is all about creating something of value that your audience will want to read/see and hopefully share or engage with. If all you do is talk about yourself, then no one will care. You need to step away from the salesy stuff and think about a wider conversation you can join related to your brand. Also, you’re probably going to want to grab the attention of journalists, so it HAS to be original and newsworthy.

Working with journalists

Journalists no longer have time to read every single press release which lands in their inbox or answer ever phone call with a pitch. All press releases and content sent to journalists needs to be concise, clear and interesting. You also need to also make sure it’s related to their publication. Why am I blabbering on about PR and not content marketing? Well, how do you get everyone talking about your cool piece of content? The answer is of course journalists and social media.

Also, many content marketing campaigns are done to create top notch natural backlinks, so journalists are a vital part of your campaign and you need to think of what they want right from the get-go.

How do you come up with an idea for content marketing?

Start with getting to know the brand inside out. Exploring what content is already out there related to your brand using SEO tools such as Ahrefs Content Explorer – what’s performing well and what isn’t? Is there a gap in knowledge?

Chuck around ideas, big ones, small ones and really out there ones, and think about how a) you would actually carry out this idea b) how will you present it – will this idea make a cool infographic, or some kind of interactive game?

Eventually, you will get THAT idea that you know will go down a treat with journalists and is right on brand. If it’s an idea that you would be chuffed to chat about with your mates on a Friday night, it’s a winner.


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