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Disrupt this.

By Adam Reynolds on Mar 01, 2016

Every so often, a buzzword comes along that’s as catchy as Ebola.

It falls out of one mouth and straight into the ears of everyone within hearing range.

Then it starts spreading. Not creeping and insidious. But far and wide. Faster than a speeding bullet. Until it’s not just on everyone’s lips, it’s on every brief. For every product. In every agency around the world.

Disruption is one of those buzzwords. It’s currently the soup du jour. Served with everything from nappies to low-fat yogurt. And quite often, it’s about as appropriate as low-fat yoghurt served in a nappy.

Disruption is about challenging the norm. Shaking up the status quo. Sticking two fingers up at the competition. When a brief asks for disruption, what it’s really asking for is the right idea at the right time and in the right place to create maximum impact.

Not the kind of idea that’s content with timidly suggesting you might, um, if it’s not too much trouble, you know, well, perhaps consider this item next time you’re down the shops. But the kind of idea that gets people talking, sharing and ultimately, puts bums on seats.

That doesn’t sound disruptive to me. That sounds exactly like what we should be doing.