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Feeling good, not guilty.

By Adam Reynolds on Sep 22, 2015

Think of an NSPCC TV ad and you probably think of a fairly hard-hitting spot, shot in black and white, with the distressing story of an abused child.

But these kinds of shock tactics don’t always have the desired effect and often only tell half the story. That and the fact it takes a lot to shock us these days (as proven recently by the rolling news of millions fleeing war).

So it’s good to see the new NSPCC ad eschewing the usual shock tactics in favour of a far more subtle approach that’s all the more effective for it.

Too many people think charity work is about making the public feel guilty. It isn’t. Or at least it shouldn’t be.

It’s not about appeasing your guilt because you’ve lobbed in a fiver. It’s about showing you how your support can make things better. It’s about inspiring you to be part of the change.

The best charity work is inclusive. It makes you feel part of the solution. It makes you feel good for giving, not guilty. That’s what I think this NSPCC ad does very well.