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Google announce security updates.

By IMA on Jun 22, 2016

Around this time last year Google launched alerts within Google Analytics which were intended to notify site owners as to when their site had been compromised and being used for distributing malware or phishing attacks.

Since the launch last year Google have reported to have alerted over 24,000 property owners who have had their site compromised.

As of June 21st 2016, Google have announced that they are updating their alerts by adding further notifications for sites which infringe on their webmaster guidelines.

If one of your sites triggers an alert you will receive a similar message to the following in the Google Analytics UI:

Website Security

Since last year Google has recorded a 180% increase in sites getting hacked compared to the previous year.

If your site has been hacked or you are worried about security issues then please get in touch and our dedicated web development team will be able to support.

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