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How to Improve Your Heart Health

By Emma Chaplin on Sep 30, 2019

With World Heart Day coming up on the 29th of September, and our recent partnership with Leeds charity Take Heart, Intermarketing have put together some easy to action tips on how to look after your heart. From healthy eating to getting a daily dose of exercise, these words of advice will help to keep your heart in tip top condition.

Get a good night’s rest

Making sure you get a good night’s sleep every night will help to keep your heart healthy. Everyone is different when it comes to sleep but aiming for 7 – 8 hours a night is usually ideal. Certified Personal Trainer Caleb Black gave us the following advice on looking after your ticker;

‘‘Sleeping less than 6 hours a night can affect your heart health in comparison to sleeping between 7 to 8 hours. Poor sleep quality can have adverse effect on heart health.’’

This is because your blood pressure and heart rate go down while you sleep, giving your heart time to rest and repair throughout the night.

Give Up the Cigs

Whether it’s 20 a day or just a casual smoke every now and then, smoking causes serious damage to your heart health. From carbon monoxide making your artery walls hard, to nicotine narrowing your blood vessels, there are many ways in which smoking causes big problems for your heart. The good news is, your body will start to heal as soon as you stop! Visit the NHS website for tips on how to give up smoking.

Get Active

We’ve heard it all before but keeping active really is vital when it comes to looking after your heart. But that doesn’t mean dragging yourself to the gym every morning if that’s not your thing! Something as simple as opting to walk rather than taking the car a few times a week, or finding an exercise class you love, will make a positive difference. If you can find a way to fit exercise into your lifestyle, you’re more likely to stick to it.

Keep your teeth healthy

You might never have thought about it but keeping your teeth and gums healthy can actually protect your heart too. Kelly Handcock of Toothbrush for Life told us this;

‘‘Inflammation caused by gum disease and oral health problems have been shown to have a direct relation to increase risk of heart disease. More and more studies are showing the direct link between teeth and gum health and the rest of the body.’’

Cut Down on Junk Food

Eating healthy gives your heart the nourishment it needs and helps to lower risk of things like heart disease and stroke. Fill your plate with veg, wholegrains and healthy protein and you can’t go too far wrong. While we all love a treat every now and then, red meat and junk food should be kept to a minimum if you want your heart to be at its best!

This year, Intermarketing chose local charity Take Heart as their charity of the year. Based in Leeds General Infirmary, Take Heart work towards giving patients of the Yorkshire Heart ward the best care and comfort possible by raising funds for the equipment and support needed. Find out more about Take Heart and donate to the cause here.