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I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge 2013

By IMA on Feb 20, 2013

The Chatterbox Challenge is a fun and educational resource for children aged 0-5. The 2013 event theme is ‘Mad Chatter’s Tea Party’ loosely based on Alice in Wonderland. The materials reflect this tea party theme throughout, with design that is appealing to both young boys and girls and features children’s TV character and brand sponsor, Humf. To keep costs down, a microsite has been created so that people can download collateral and print it themselves. This can be viewed at: There are educational song sheets and games for the young children who will participate.

We designed a suite of printed and downloadable materials including a how to guide, invites, posters, sponsor forms, masks, certificates, Facebook tab and the microsite, which strive to promote and support the event and raise awareness of I CAN and the vital work it does with some of the 1.2 million children in the UK who struggle to communicate.

Bex and Ella who manage the ICAN account plan to organise our own ‘Mad Chatter’s Tea Party’ to support their client.

Claire Cruft, I CAN Project Manager – Mass Participation Events, said:

“We worked with Intermarketing because they helped us to reach our target audience in a fun and engaging way. We like what they’ve done with the creatives because the microsite is fully interactive, which will appeal to children and adults alike, as well as helping us to incorporate Humf, Openreach and the tea party theme in our Chatterbox Challenge materials. This will help us raise as much as possible helping I CAN to reach more children who struggle to communicate.”

We are now working on post event follow up communications for I CAN to be used in 2013.