IMA: The Next Generation?

By IMA on Jan 29, 2020

Design. It’s the bread and butter of what we do at IMA.

But, as the field is so broad, design tutors are often concerned their students don’t know what the next step should be. Is it better to specialise in one particular area or be able to span disciplines? The anxiety surrounding this question means very few graduates go straight into design employment from university.

So we wanted to lend a hand to the next generation of designers. To debunk the myths and give them practical tips on what to expect. Giving them the tools to get ahead when they graduate.

On the back of last year’s successful talk, Senior Designer Maria Khoshaba and Account Manager Scott Neilson spoke to Leeds Beckett University students about life at IMA recently. From who we are, to what we do, to how we work as a global agency, this was the students’ chance to get a glimpse of life after graduation.

With a chance to ask Maria and Scott anything they wanted, the students left feeling inspired. “It gave me a much-needed boost to get an internship,” said one student. “It’s time to graft and get where I want to be.”

After last year’s talk, LBU student Joe Adams landed work experience at IMA, and went on to secure a full-time job. Hopefully this year’s talk will open the door to more students.

IMA Leeds Beckett student career talk 4

Top tips for getting into the design industry

  • Use your time at university to really explore what you’re interested in, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket at this stage. There’s plenty of time to specialise and hone your skills in the future
  • Keep creatively active. Stay inspired, learn the latest software, keep up to date with trends and generally taking projects to their extreme to get the most knowledge out of them
  • Take the time to make connections with people in your area: other creatives, agencies, production houses
  • Always show the thought process behind your work. Polished end products on their own are good, but well-thought out ideas are better
IMA Leeds Beckett student career talk 1

IMA’s contribution was invaluable and made a huge difference to our students’ understanding of professional practice and how it relates to their career aspirations.

Jo Hamill, Course Director

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