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New in-house commercial photography

By IMA on Mar 10, 2014

Now open for business and taking bookings for advertising and marketing projects – including still and moving image photography.

We’re always looking for new and useful ways to help our clients. So adding in-house commercial photography and film to our already long list of services seemed like the logical thing to do. Especially as we can offer years of experience and our very own studio space as part of the deal – something that allows us to turn around complex projects quickly.

Whatever your requirement, finding a creative solution to suit your budget is at the heart of the service. For advertising and marketing projects, we can capture everything from one-off pack shots to art directed location shoots at cost-effective rates.

We also have access to a 2,500sq ft studio space in Leeds for projects requiring larger sets, giving you everything you could wish for from a commercial photography and film service.

Talk to us today about our competitive photography rates for your brand.

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