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In or out?

By Emma Chaplin on May 27, 2016

We’re holding our own Brexit campaigns.

Let’s face it, the Remain and Leave campaigns for the upcoming EU referendum have been pretty uninspiring (read more about that here).

With such a potentially momentous change you’d think that both campaigns would want to inspire the nation. Powerfully communicating the benefits of staying or leaving. Delivering compelling arguments that make us think rationally or emotionally about such a complex decision.

Have you felt inspired, motivated or challenged by either campaign? No, neither have we. We think could do a better job. A much better job. So we’re holding our own referendum.

Teams have been picked to represent the in and out choices (it’s worth pointing out that team selection doesn’t necessarily reflect personal voting intention). With campaign strategies currently being devised, we’ll bring you updates as they happen before the big vote on 23 June.