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Intermarketing Digital – three months in…

By IMA on Apr 15, 2015

At the beginning of this year, we announced the acquisition of Teabag Digital and the arrival of Intermarketing Digital. The acquisition was designed to bolster the existing team and create a dedicated digital division within Intermarketing Agency.

What this represents is a concerted focus on strengthening and reinforcing the digital efforts of both businesses to deliver an outstanding digital delivery team within our existing creatively excellent agency.

Given that Intermarketing Agency already boasted solid credentials in the digital design and build arena – predominantly in microsite development, online campaign creative, email and eCRM marketing programmes as part of our integrated offering – we had a solid base to work from. This, coupled with Teabag’s pedigree in ‘pure-play’ website infrastructure and design, ecommerce and large-scale content managed website developments, means that the two teams complement each other perfectly.

So the merger of the two digital operations has enabled us to offer a complete digital package to clients. We can now bring more experience, more in-house technical know-how and more efficiency, along with Intermarketing Agency’s award-winning commitment to client service and effectiveness.

And so far the sum is certainly proving greater than the parts. We are thriving with new and exciting digital projects and new vacancies opening up within the team to support the overall growth. Recent feedback on proposals and pitches has included the following ringing endorsements: ‘Exceptionally creative’, ‘The clear winner’, ‘Refreshingly non-techie’ and ‘Blown away by the creativity and the track record in delivery too’.

When asked what our USP is, I’ve described Intermarketing Digital as being, ‘Driven by creativity, backed by our technical expertise’. This is a nod to the huge benefit clients gain by working with an integrated and traditional team in terms of the wider brand and marketing strategy and big-idea thinking. Along with our highly talented and experienced in-house digital designers and developers, who will ensure that all digital touch points will look and perform to their very best. We don’t outsource either the ideas or the build. Instead we simply give clients a maximum value and quality approach.

Within Intermarketing Digital, we appreciate that digital is at the heart of most consumers’ lives, so it has to be at the heart of most brands’ marketing strategies. And we bring that – as well as the bigger picture through to micro-communications – to life. Three months in, we know that it’s something we can truly deliver on – something that truly stands us apart.