IMA launch Influencer Marketing service.

By IMA on Nov 16, 2019

This week, IMA have launched a fully managed influencer marketing service, capable of providing the client with a highly targeted, measurable, and inspiring campaign. We provide influencers with the right connection to the brand, producing content that is engaging and beautiful; backed up by our data-driven research and solutions, as well as reporting to prove ROI.

In partnership with Influencer DB, an influencer intelligence service, we offer a comprehensive campaign management solution to match the clients’ ambitions, telling their story the way it was meant to be told. Using our software, we deep-dive into each influencer profile to uncover true influence metrics such as;

• Engagement rate
• Follower quality and demographics
• Suspicious growth patterns
• Estimated media value

Intermarketing Launch Influencer Marketing Service

These metrics ensure we are working with highly relevant and effective influencers, giving us the best possible reach, engagement and authenticity for our clients. We also prove ROI like no other agency, through estimated media value of Instagram posts and stories.

The influencer team are thrilled to be able to roll out this new end-to-end service to current and new clients, bringing the most effective and authentic influencers together with cutting-edge brands.

Make it happen for your brand.