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It wasn’t all bad…

By IMA on Dec 22, 2016

2016 might have been a terrible year in the real world but at least there were high moments in the design world to lift the mood. 

My favourite rebrands of 2016 have an international outlook featuring three iconic tourist attractions; each remain true to their soul whilst being open and welcoming to others. A good lesson in the real world too.


Paris by Graphéine

Warm, inviting and vibrant, the rebrand for Paris’ official tourism organisation never fails to make me smile. I feel like it perfectly represents the personality of Paris – playful yet restrained, witty but not trying too hard. And, well, it’s just downright gorgeous. 



It’s the logo I wished I’d designed more than any other this year. Being able to pack personality into only 5 letters is no mean feat. But this rebrand truly sparks to life when the illustrations are introduced. Playful with a kick-ass colour palette; to me these feel like the perfect blend of contemporary and tradition, just like Paris itself.




Camden Market by Ragged Edge

Another regional rebrand but with a totally different energy. As an ex-Camden resident, this is bob-on to me. Like Paris, this embodies the vibe of the place and the people who inhabit it.


 camden-market-hoardings-2camden-market-bag-3-2268x1603 camden-market-sign-2


The key is those two custom awesome typefaces. They create a ‘language’ instead of a logo, and in their unorthodox application it echoes the non-conformist and unapologetic nature of Camden residents. After all, Camden isn’t a brand but a way of life.


camden-market-type-3 camdenguidelines_collateral-164_rt2_crop_2860x1935camden-market-trader-3-2268x1603


Sydney Opera House by Interbrand Australia

For me this identity is a sum of its parts. There’s gradients, animations, 3D typography: each good in their own right. But it’s when they’re all placed together when this rebrand really shines.

When I first saw this back in February, I wasn’t sure – I’m not normally the biggest fan of 3D typography. However there’s a subtly to the execution here that makes this work. It looks particularly good at smaller sizes; an impressive feat with such detail involved.




With so many elements, the printed collateral could have been overcooked but each have been handled with great attention to detail. Seeing the brand come together like this is very satisfying. They’re balanced and mature yet playful and arresting. And just check out those effortless animations. Fantastic