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Make them feel.

By Adam Reynolds on Apr 24, 2019

How to build emotional connections with consumers.

We’re a complex bunch. At any time, we could be feeling all sorts of things. From exhilaration to exasperation and flat to furious. And it’s these emotions that drive our behaviour, no matter how logical and level-headed we might think we are. So, with consumers making buying decisions based on what they feel, it’s essential for marketers to understand the impact of emotions – and how to harness their power to create competitive advantage.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll release a series of blogs that delve into the business of desires. From the art of emotion to the value of neuroscience, they’ll help you make your audience feel, well, whatever you want them to.

Why just reach people when you can move them?

The blogs follow the latest in our on-going series of thought-leadership events – The Tap. These provide leading industry insight for today’s busy marketers. The aim is simply to make marketing as enjoyable and effective as possible. To achieve this, we bring together leading institutions and influencers to solve, evolve or resolve the big issues we face.

Most recently, we explored emotional marketing. An approach that connects with an audience in a human or personal way. With consumers making buying decisions based on what they feel rather than logic, emotional marketing creates meaningful relationships that result in brand fans.

Here’s a quick taste of what our panel discussed…

“In order to drive sales, a piece of marketing needs to do two things. It needs to engage the emotions and it needs to activate memory.”
Jane Leighton, Director Consumer Neuroscience, Nielson

“The challenge for marketers is making sure we don’t make people feel emotions we don’t want them to.”
Sarah Thornton-Carolin, Director of Group Communications, Holland & Barrett

“You can’t just make people feel happy and not have a credible connection to your brand.”
Peter Haslett, Head of Client Development, Realeyes

Our upcoming content series will take a deeper look at the subjects discussed at the event. Covering areas such as emotional design appeal, sentiment analysis and how influencers are becoming increasingly important at delivering trusted opinions. We’ll publish the first blog in early May, with the others following every two weeks afterwards. Look out for them on the Intermarketing blog and via our social channels.