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New Partnerships Manager

By IMA on Jan 25, 2013

Mike Moss returns to Intermarketing Agency as Partnerships Manager. He previously worked for the agency’s media team, leaving in 2009 to set up and run his own business. Mike is responsible for the sourcing and delivery of business to business affinity partnership marketing opportunities in order to grow clients’ businesses.

Mike said: “There’s been a lot of change since I last worked here and I can see the ambition of the agency. Partnerships have seen a real growth in the last couple of years as more and more brands become open to the opportunities. I’m excited about being part of this and helping to grow the business further.”

Jamie Allan, added: “Partnership deals have become a key part of our business, with more brands realising the benefits of cross marketing, managed by ourselves on their behalf. We’ve decided to commit more resource and Mike has the right experience to drive this forward.”