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Oh, Sarah.

By Adam Reynolds on Oct 25, 2017

Your brand name is changing. It’s a big deal. Probably the biggest deal you’ll ever work on. It’s been two years in the making. Then finally, it’s time to flip the switch. Goodbye old brand, hello…Sarah, third runner-up in the Runcorn Inter-Pub Karaoke Championships, 2007.

Oh, Sarah. It was flat, there was no connection with the audience, and if you’re going to take on a Chaka Khan classic, you better drip every word in emotion. Instead, you gave us mumbling at the bus stop.

But to be fair to you, Sarah, the whole production let you down. It was less La-La Land, more wasteland at the back of an abandoned industrial estate. I’ve seen people being tasered dance better than some of those extras.

If it wasn’t obvious, I’m talking about the new TUI ad, now that they’ve changed their name from Thomson. Apparently, it will appear on every major TV station and within a fortnight reach 63% of the UK adult population. If it wasn’t clear, I’m not sure it should.