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Oh the irony.

By Adam Reynolds on Oct 06, 2017

Pick a road, any road. The M4, the A453, or even that old favourite, the B6161. Whichever road it is, I’ll bet you £5 you wouldn’t have to throw a stone very far to hit a particular brand of car being driven, shall we say, in an inconsiderate manner.

Could be weaving in and out of lanes to get a few cars ahead. Could be close enough behind that you can see the spinach stuck in the driver’s teeth. In fact, they don’t even have to be driving. There’s a fair chance you’ll see one wanged into the disabled parking space that’s three-feet closer to the shop because, well, they’re just that important.

The brand is of course, Audi. Which for me, makes their latest spot, ‘Clowns’, something of an ironic 10-car pile-up. Sure, it’s beautifully produced, the message really couldn’t be any clearer and it’s streets ahead of most charmless efforts that pass for car ads these days. But the fact remains, it’s usually a clown driving an Audi, not an Audi driver avoiding the clowns.

Maybe it’s because the ad was written by people in London, who perhaps don’t drive, and therefore aren’t aware of how their client’s product is used and perceived. Or perhaps someone was off sick and that invaluable bit of insight never made it to the brief. Whatever the reason, it shows a remarkable lack of real-world understanding that causes the whole thing to fall flat. As the first line of the ad’s soundtrack Send in the Clowns says, isn’t it rich.