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Show and Tell #5

By Emma Chaplin on Sep 05, 2016

Every month we try and get together to share some work that inspires us, or we simply deem cool as heck. Here’s what some of the Intermarketing folks have shared this month…

Chloe Sharp

Bodyform Responds: The Truth

UK maxi pad brand Bodyform created a viral ad in response to a Facebook user who accused the company of lying to the public. This post poked fun at the brand’s traditional marketing messaging. With his rant totalling at 88,745 likes and 3,848 comments in counting, this obviously resonated with the general audience, positioning Bodyform as a laughing stock.


Instead of the brand trying to defend itself in an apologetic manner, the company instead git back with a witty video, that gave the brand an opportunity to inject some personality, whilst creating brand awareness and engagement.

This is a great example of how reactive a brand can be and how you can turn negative press into positive.

Paul Birkhead

Thug Kitchen

thug kitchen 2

Veganism is fast becoming more mainstream than the traditional, slightly hippified stereotype lets on. Brands like Thug Kitchen are making cooking and eating well cool again, calling you out on your lazy takeaway habits and getting you back in the kitchen.

‘Cutting through the bullshit’, it’s punchy, tongue-in-cheek approach to nutrition strikes a chord that makes traditional cookbooks look a bit vanilla.

thug kitchen 1

Chris Nichols

Frame Rates

Little details make a massive difference. Frame rates aren’t just numbers, they transform the way a video is viewed. They are being experimented with constantly in the industry as film makers try new techniques to engage with their audiences. Here are a few examples: