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Something’s brewing.

By Emma Chaplin on Jun 16, 2017

And it’s guaranteed to hit the spot.

Here at Intermarketing Agency, when we’re not hard grafting we like a party. Summer, Christmas, Annual Update, ‘It’s Tuesday!’ – any excuse really. So, after years of necking all sorts of lovely beers, we thought it was time we stopped. And brewed one of our own.

We ran an internal competition challenging everyone in our talented team to create a brand for a pilsner lager that would capture the spirit of the agency. Members of the judging panel, which included local beer experts, were bowled over by the responses before settling on the winner: CAN DO Positively Pilsner.

The brand was created by a team led by senior copywriter Phil Tarry and senior designer Paul Birkhead, with the finished packaging by design director Claire Bradley. We’re proud to say our friends at Legitimate Industries are taking care of the brewing.

Paying the good vibes forward, we’re partnering with select cafés and bars. And making donations from sales to, the charity that promotes the positive benefits of an active social life​ for people with multiple sclerosis.

Be sure to grab a can or two of CAN DO while you can. Cheers!

Check out the story behind the beer here.

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