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Truth under the tree.

By Adam Reynolds on Nov 20, 2015

Amongst his many brilliant quotes, Bill Bernbach said: The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.

Now, until you’re hailed as one of the most iconic figures in advertising history, and have your name above the door of a network of global agencies, it’s safe to say you’re not really in a position to argue with what he said.

It’s truth that makes the new Harvey Nichols Christmas campaign so good. We’ve all been in the awkward position shown in the ads. And there’s a chance we’ve been the one causing the reaction. What is it? Gift face. The forced, maniacal grin used to hide your real feelings upon unwrapping that hideous present that’s going straight to the charity shop (or the bin if you’re particularly mean).

There’s a TV spot, but it’s the print executions that really work for me.

Oh, and the campaign is by a DDB agency. I’m sure Bill would approve.