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What comes first?

By Adam Reynolds on Apr 05, 2017

Of all the twonkery that fills endless blog posts, conferences and even books, proclaiming advertising should be digital first is one of my favourites. For favourites read daftest. Anyone would think the twonks had an agenda to push.

If your initial reaction is to disagree, ask yourself if you’d choose the medication before knowing the diagnosis?

Headaches and dizzy spells? Never mind going to see your GP. A good dose of pile cream should shift it.

Would you advise a new childrenswear brand to be adverts in motorway services toilets first?

Or an animal rescue charity to be car window stickers first?

How about telling a car manufacturer to be those panels on London Underground escalators first.

I think I’ve laboured the point enough.

Yes we all spend a lot of time faffing about online and with our phones. But the medium has to suit the audience and desired outcome. Digital might be the way to go. Equally it could be something else entirely.

The point is, starting with the answer before you know the question is just plain silly.

Put people first. You’ll get a much better answer.