Fostering creative talent in four key cities to launch COPA19

adidas copa 19 creative workshop run by IMA
creative minds for adidas copa 19 by IMA

The Challenge

Inspire next-generation footballers and supercharge the next wave of creative talent with the launch of adidas’s COPA football boot in key global cities.

Making it happen

We uncovered 40 young, talented creators from London College of Communication, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Paris), New York’s High School of Fashion Industries and USC Iovine and Young Academy in LA.

They were tasked to create a campaign, aimed at the 15 to 19-year-old football player, that truly represented their home city while encapsulating the ethos of COPA 19. Each team created a campaign proposition unique to their city – like only they could know.

Touching on all departments at IMA, it set a new benchmark for creative and open-source collaboration. A year in the making, we documented the whole process from concept to realisation.

adidas copa 19 illustrated football boots from creators workshop by IMA
virtual reality graffiti spray can HTC vive connection IMA
DJ playing at adidas copa 19 event
Instore event activation for COPA 19 adidas by IMA
COPA 19 adidas retail store design by IMA
COPA 19 adidas instore artwork design by IMA

The results


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