Chester Zoo – Animazing.

Animazing approach to boosting visitor numbers for Chester Zoo.

When we first got the call from Chester Zoo, we had just begun to develop our TV and motion department, with the ambition of producing our own commercials.

We didn’t expect to get the opportunity so soon. Or to be pitching against giants in the TV advertising world.

They were looking for fresh thinking. We were looking for a chance to shine. The rest is history.


From our three initial concepts, ‘Animazing’ was taken forward into production. First things first, we storyboarded the full script. From there, we created an illustrated environment for the ad to live in, drawing up all the scenes and animal environments. Next an animator brought these to life using the ‘boil effect’ for a sense of constant motion.

While that was happening, we filmed the animals at the zoo and drafted in the unique voice over talents of TV-legend Bill Oddie. Finally all the elements were mixed seamlessly in post-production, along with colour grading to achieve the desired look.

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