Going places with Jet2

From low-cost airline, to the nation’s no.1 on Trip Advisor. Our journey with has been about changing perceptions. Making them a trusted travel brand of choice. Taking them from one aircraft to over 100 along the way.

The challenge began as a low-cost Northern airline. Today they’re a trusted tour operator challenging market leaders. Our strategic positioning, brand identity and advertising continue to play a leading role in that achievement.

Our approach is designed to allow for growth through the gradual expansion of their fleet, airport bases, destinations and growing sub-brand product portfolio. A partnership that’s just got stronger over the 19 years we’ve been working together so far.

Making it happen

We’re the lead creative and strategic agency for and Jet2holidays.

Over the years we’ve helped transform from a small, low-cost airline to a trusted brand, known for great service and customer loyalty. We’ve developed their value proposition, trust credentials, clearly segmented products, and importantly communicated this in ways that develop deep emotional connections through storytelling and distinctive assets.

We’ve launched new airports, established brand assets that capture the Jet2 customer experience, created national advertising campaigns, activated partnerships, brought to life the customer experience, celebrated milestones, launched new product and kept evolving our master-brand throughout.


We’ve grown the brand to…

16 million





low-cost airline in Europe on Trip Advisor

Plus, Jet2holidays is now the UK’s second largest tour operator