Helping the Co-operative Bank be different.


Helping the Co-operative Bank be different.

Following two pitches, and two wins for us, we got to grips with helping the Co-operative Bank redefine their B2C and B2B propositions.

The consumer side of things came first. Co-op’s manifesto is ‘it’s good to be different’. It’s what their customers expect – not just another bank. But a bank that dares to be different and do the right thing. More than that, they expect their bank to understand them and keep them informed of what products and offers are available to them, all while having a distinct personality.

It’s our job to ensure marketing communications make customers feel valued and that they’re getting a great deal compared to other banks’ offers. Campaigns span loans, credit cards, mortgages, current accounts and savings. The channels utilised are largely emails and DM.

To ensure consistency and clarity of messaging and creative, we’ve developed modules and a style guide for email. The modules also help with the large volume of emails we design and build.


On the B2B side, we work with Co-op’s intermediary lender, Platform. After winning the pitch, we looked at the intermediary market, Platform’s existing positioning and interviewed mortgage brokers to get to the heart of the matter. All things that helped us find Platform a position they could call their own. Putting the focus on a key truth we discovered in our research: Platform is a human face in a crowded corporate world.

Summed up in a new proposition: ‘For Platform, business is never just business, it’s personal.’

Relationships was our creative concept. ‘We’ll complete you’, ‘No playing hard to get’ and ‘Isn’t it great when things just click’ were the headlines. Across a campaign that included video, press and digital and brought a personal touch to mortgages.

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