KIND Snacks

Winning hearts and getting product into hands

The challenge

To grow KIND Snacks to be the biggest and most loved healthy snack brand in the UK.


Making it happen

We created an online campaign that got consumers to understand the role KIND could play in their lives; driving conversation and awareness through online sampling.

Our campaign, titled ‘The Whole Package’, channelled KIND’s USP of whole, healthier ingredients you can see and pronounce.

We created a suite of creative content based around the whole ingredient visuals for Instagram and Facebook that was both paid and organic. Deliverables included; on-feed ads, Instagram story ads, carousels, tap-through stories and on-feed posts.

The results

UK’s #1

snack bar singles brand*


total social impressions


total social video views

Over 86,000 total website clicks from our social ads *reported by Neilsen’s total market read from the last 52 weeks.