Making mischief with MAOAM

The Challenge

MAOAM was living in the shadows of Haribo – just another confectionary brand with the promise of ‘fun’ competing in a highly cluttered marketplace. To stand out, we needed to make it more relevant, distinctive and, above all meaningful to parents and kids to succeed.

Making it happen

We recognised that today’s parents are changing the way they bring up their children placing an emphasis on playful parenting and free play to help raise a generation of creative, free-spirited individuals alive with possibilities. The secret to this is mischief – we believe that mischief is good for you. It enables original thinking, promotes learning, combats stress and boosts resilience.

Introducing a new hero of our times with a new role to play…

We evolved MAOAM’s promise of ‘fun’ to mean mischief. To deliver on this, we assigned it a new and meaningful role – to be a mischief-maker. Together we will help parents use mischief to stimulate, entertain and have fun with their children… and since the lockdown, Britain is crying out for this. Make mischief with MAOAM.

Energetic Key Visuals and bespoke guidelines re-positioned MAOAM’s mascot Max as the voice of our campaign. We took over all social channels, managing curated content and introducing the #MAOAMmischief hashtag, streamlining posts and driving interactions.

Partnering with the original mischief duo Dick & Dom, we created a series of mischief content. For all things Dick and Dom, head to our Mischief Hub where the ‘full on’ brand personality comes to life. As the campaign rolls out, so does the hub, growing to host a range of content from bloggers and influencers to recording future MAOAM events and key brand partnership content.

The results

An expansive and nuanced campaign that’s engaging, multi-faceted and lots of fun. By tapping into search-based need-states and keyword research insights, Make Mischief with MAOAM is forward-thinking: a direct response to our target audience’s needs.

IMA have injected plenty of mischief into the MAOAM brand. Putting full on fun at the centre of everything we do, and giving our consumers really rewarding ways to engage with us. I couldn’t be happier with the work we’ve achieved together and can’t wait to see the brand’s future activations

Dominica Rennard, Marketing Manager – MAOAM UK