3D plays all the right notes for Kawai

Bringing beautiful instruments to life in equally stunning, photorealistic 3D renders.

The challenge

Musical instrument manufacturers Kawai wanted to find a cost-effective way to photograph their pianos in as much detail as possible, and in truly unique environments. Although 3D cameras could provide the internal detail regular photography couldn’t capture, Kawai had reservations about the process as they were unsure how realistic it would look. We wanted to show just how effective this process could be.

Making it happen

As the plans to the piano were top secret, we only had photographs and a tape measure to accurately model the piano with. Every component of the piano was individually modelled and created using 3DS Max, working from our photographs and measurements of the piano along with input from Kawai’s technical team.

With a photorealistic 3D render of the piano, we were able to place it in various 3D environments to suit the type of images the client wanted. One image saw the piano positioned at the top of a London skyscraper; something that would be logistically difficult and costly if we had used the physical piano. With the model complete, we will also be able to create new, unique shoots using the same piano with ease.

A very friendly team to work with and we’re hugely impressed with the results!

Thomas Haydney, Kawai