Making it happen since 1988


Full stomachs and meat sweats.

Keeping up with the rapid growth of proper barbecue.

Forget your dad burning sausages in the back garden. Red’s True Barbecue is the real deal. Since opening their first restaurant in 2012, their passion – bordering on obsession – for all things grilled has led to full stomachs and meat sweats across the country.

Ahead of Red’s fourth restaurant opening, we built them a new website to handle the rapidly increasing levels of content and traffic coming from their ‘believers’.

Each year the Red’s crew jump in an RV for their Pilgrimage across the barbecue belt southern states of America. So the site includes an application based on Google Maps that allows Red’s ‘believers’ to follow the road trip – and feast on the mouth-watering blogs, photos and videos of the very best in barbecue.

Now why do we feel hungry?