Reebok Aztrek

Taking Reebok back to the 90s


Reebok Aztrek

Mirroring the 90s, when Reebok went full throttle with innovation and reigned supreme, we set the creative direction for Reebok’s FW18 Aztrek product drop campaign. Then delivered across retail, social, OOH, digital, experiential and a bespoke VR installation.

The digital aspect really came to life through our custom-made online and CR-TV game that tapped into today’s fascination with retro arcade gaming.


The aim of the game

The aim of this infinite runner game is to keep going for as long as possible, avoid the obstacles and delay the inevitable ‘GAME OVER’, all while boosting your score. To make things more interesting, the longer the game is played, the harder it gets.

A CR-TV version of the game and an Aztrek iPad app were also developed to create a shareable in-store experience. By interacting with the app, users received an email with a video attachment detailing the product.

An example of the Reebok Aztrek website homepage as viewed on a desktop device.

Page loading…

The 90’s vibe continued on the campaign landing page, with page-load animations created using 16-bit graphics. The animations fed into product content, where users could rotate product imagery for a closer look at every angle and check out the available colourways. While a call to action promoted the online game.

Reebok classic branding overlaid onto a photograph of a staircase

Virtual reality overhauled

A VR experience took gameplay back to the 90 with players avoiding basketballs, ghetto blasters and other 90’s objects. The aim of the game was to zap as many Hexalite blocks as you could. These approached to the beat of an iconic 90’s music track - the more destroyed, the more points won.

Virtual reality experience of the Aztrek game
A gif of Aztrek Trainr
A gif of a a Hexalite - an Aztrex themed coin
A gif of an Aztrek themed Reebok Logo

“It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when there’s a shared vision for the way we way we want to tell our story for the current generation. It started with directly pulling inspiration from the Reebok brand’s archives then working in a truly collaborative way by breaking up the demands of the plan and mixing both the expertise of a fully integrated agency such as Intermarketing and the needs of our retail partners. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the talent that exists within the Intermarketing teams and their high standards when it comes to servicing our needs, which are constantly evolving, just like our customers.”

- Kris Hall, Brand Director Reebok Classic WE

Illustrated graphic from the Aztrek game - character looking at Aztrek trainer