Making it happen since 1988

Streetball event and influencer program

Passing the torch with court-to-street swagger

The challenge

Revigorate Reebok’s basketball heritage to find a new generation of Reebok consumer, connected through basketball culture, and shatter perceptions that Reebok is outdated and uncool.

Making It Happen

Legendary Allen Iverson, the original court-to-street culture crossover and Reebok asset, served as the inspiration for our concept, bringing his personality and swagger to the court.

Introducing the Question Double Cross, a fresh take on Iverson’s first signature shoe, we created a collective of influencers that embody Iverson’s spirit, passing his torch to a new generation.

Our four key influencers promoted and recruited teams of consumers that could compete in specifically devised 3v3 streetball tournaments to win prizes – generating buzz for Reebok’s basketball products. As part of the wider event, music by DJ Kitty, we also created a hoop challenge, pop-up shop, branded doughnuts and customizable Reebok swag.