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RSA – ‘How global are you?’ quiz

RSA found that some brokers requiring insurance for their customers outside the UK were unaware of RSA’s global insurance credentials. So we created the ‘How Global Are You?’ quiz to get them thinking about RSA in a global sense.

The online quiz was designed to engage brokers by challenging them to prove their global knowledge and developed with a mobile-first approach so it could be played anywhere.

We included a number of gamification elements, like three increasingly difficult levels and a leader board to make the quiz competitive and highly playable. And once someone had played, they could then sign in using LinkedIn to share their scores on social media and challenge others to do better.

The project was managed by our Digital team and went a long way to broadening the horizons of brokers in the UK. And most important of all, got them considering RSA whenever they were looking for insurance in other countries.