Rugby League World Cup – Trophy tracker


Rugby League World Cup – Trophy tracker

The Challenge.

The Rugby League trophy was famously stolen in 1970 from a Bradford hotel and remained missing until 1990, when it was recovered from a ditch in Bingley. The RLWC has worked hard to restore it to its former glory and even installed a GPS tracker to make sure it never goes missing again…


Making it happen.


We worked with the client to bring this story to life with an interactive Trophy Tracker where fans can spy on its current location, plus, engage with World Cup content. The tool gained national and regional press coverage including landing a piece in the BBC News and creating a huge buzz over social media.

We’re not taking any chances with the Cup and our new cockerel this time. We’ve incorporated a GPS tracker – a device we obviously didn’t have in the 70s. We may never know where the World Cup went during its two missing decades, but we will always know where it is now. Fans can too, by keeping a close eye on the tracking website.

Jon Dutton
Chief Executive of tournament organisers RLWC 2021

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