SRCL websites and applications


SRCL websites and applications

We have created websites for SRCL’s divisions across the world and mission-critical applications used by their customers.

From collection to transportation and processing, we needed to create an intuitive brochure site that would help users get to the information they need quickly. SRCL’s customers range from tattooists to NHS trusts, so creating the right impression for everyone is important.


Versions of this website target at the British, Irish and Romanian markets.

Online waste audits

Any company that produces hazardous waste has to submit an audit to comply with the law. SRCL commissioned us to build a web-based tool that digitises this process for their customers and allows them to complete the audit in their own time. A recommendation report is automatically generated as a PDF and actions are followed up.

Engaging customers

We produced a personalised online experience for SRCL’s customers which replaces a costly printed binder. The website provides all the information their customers need to stay compliant. Further phases will enhance the features provided, allowing online collection management, SMS notifications and e-commerce functions for common consumables.

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