Angel O’Donnell

The Atlas Building

The Challenge

Angel O’Donnell, an interior design company based in London, wanted to find an effective way to show clients what a project would look like once completed before the interior design had even begun.

Making it happen

Using The Atlas Building as our focus, we brought their designs into the real world using photorealistic CGI renders and VR walkthroughs.

Working from Angel O’Donnell’s detailed architectural drawings, product nominations and mood boards, we were able to create an accurate representation of their vision, right down to product references and textures.

Industry standard software, such as 3D Studio Max, Marvelous Designer and Corona Renderer, allowed us to produce photorealistic renders, including soft furnishings and meticulous lighting. All developed with a photographic approach to camera placement within the scene to enhance the photorealistic qualities.

Visualisation of a bed in a room

The results

We aimed to create an experience that was as accurate and convincing as standing in the room. Our collection of premium CGIs reflected the premium interior design scheme, being named CGI & Visualisation winner at the SBID International Design Awards 2019.

The images they created were incredibly true to life and exceptional quality, with the VR goggles we were able to walk the space with our client long before the building had been finished. The quality was such that it was possible to forget that one was in a virtual reality space!