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The INKEY List

Starting conversations for The INKEY List

The challenge

The INKEY List is a new cult beauty brand, that’s already attracted some big celebrity fans including Scarlett Johansson. When it comes to skincare, they believe knowledge is power. Instead of creating products that have a number of active ingredients in them, The INKEY List has opened up the conversation with consumers to learn how individual ingredients affect their skin and build them personalised skin ‘recipes’. They invite people to #askINKEY – empowering them to get the knowledge that leads to real comfort in their skin.

To date, they’ve sold through retailers including Boots and Sephora. But they came to us to launch their own online store. With the emergence of COVID-19 and subsequent global lock downs, including physical stores, getting up and running quickly became an even bigger focus.

Making it happen

We split the project into delivery phases. Firstly, we got the non-transactional site up and running, before moving the site onto the leading SAAS e-commerce platform, Shopify+, which was fully integrated with The INKEY Lists’ fulfilment warehouse. Choosing which skincare products are right for you can be seriously confusing. So, The INKEY List (aided by the site’s UX) aim to guide you through this process – in whichever way you’d prefer, from live chat with a skincare expert to site tools or exploring a wealth of knowledge-boosting content.

A key feature of the site is the Recipe Builder – guiding those confused about skincare via a user-friendly experience. A series of questions designed to lead them to The INKEY List products best-suited to their skin and achieving their skin goals. At the same time, being sure to not recommend anything bad for their skin type. No acids for those with sensitive skin, for example.

Since the site launched back in May, IMA and The INKEY List have created a campaign starring 11 of The INKEY List’s oldest and biggest fans. This continues to drive traffic to the site globally. The multi-channel media strategy features videos of the fans speaking about their skincare journeys, and how they’ve found self-empowerment by asking INKEY, and having their own skincare recipes built for them. A separate campaign area of the website was launched dedicated to the campaign ‘Knowledge is your power’, where you can learn more about the fans, their stories, and their recipes – and build your own recipe too.

The results

In just a few short weeks, without the launch of the full media plan, we’ve achieved:




Recipes built


Page views

Success is only expected to increase, as site authority rises in response to the SEO and content strategy, growth of the brand and launch of supporting campaigns.