Time 4 Sleep

Creating a custom e-commerce and warehousing system


The challenge

Online retailer Time4Sleep works directly with bed manufacturers to provide exclusive products you can’t buy anywhere else. With their warehouse moving 200 miles away from their office, the days of nipping across the road with a print out of a customer’s order were over. They needed a warehouse solution to manage stock levels, product allocation, stock picking and shipping – all from the website’s frontend. Time to create our biggest custom-build project. Ever.

Time4sleep website ecommerce design by IMA Intermarketing
Time4sleep onelife mattress
Time4sleep onelife mattress branding design by IMA

Making it happen

Rebuilding the site gave us the opportunity to dial up its speed. And we took it. Streamlining the code and creating a custom platform to maximise site performance.

Developing a new solution for all their shipping and stock management processes was a mammoth task. So we shadowed the team to see how they worked together to get beds into bedrooms.

We also teamed up with third party CRO and SEO companies to ensure the site was getting in front of their customers.

We refreshed the design and introduced an ecommerce platform that integrated with the backend warehouse, which was built from scratch.

The results

By working closely with all stakeholders, we delivered the new site on time. Ensuring the only difference customers experience is a faster, smoother experience from search results to checkout.