Brilliant Lighting e-commerce website


Brilliant Lighting

Brilliant Lighting are specialist lighting designers, suppliers and installers. They needed to update their website to introduce an online shop and improve usability, design and information. In addition to updating their existing brochure site, we helped Brilliant Lighting jump into e-commerce with both feet.

This was not a proposition to be taken lightly. Our task was to simplify incredibly complicated product configurations into an understandable user interface, guiding customers through a process historically managed manually.

To make sure we had the right tools for the job, a WordPress/Magento hybrid was developed – giving a busy marketing team the control they need across all areas of the site.

The new responsive website gives Brilliant Lighting total control over their content. The website has been well received by new customers and has helped improve the company’s online visibility for key search terms.

In fact one customer contacted Brilliant Lighting and said, “I just wanted to compliment you on a superb website. Excellent visuals, good layout, nice chatty text, and very easy to navigate.”


We used creative UI elements to engage users in the lighting design process.

Intermarketing delivers a perfect blend of technical expertise, design flair and business understanding. It’s a great combination. They’re as geeky as they need to be and as human as you’d want.

Interactive case study pages allow for product hot spots to be positioned on images, linking through to the shop. Our solution catered for the shoppers looking for inspiration who often visit via Houzz to purchase the effect without using a full design solution.

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