adidas Printed Series

Launching unique BOOST tech in the heart of key cities

Printed Series adidas NMD by IMA Intermarketing

The Challenge

Name and launch a range of new shoes with bespoke content captured across multiple global locations to create hyper-targeted social and in-store campaigns based around the location drops.

This included establishing a name for the product (NMD Printed Series) and capturing the uniqueness of Printed BOOST technology through storytelling related to each campaign city.

adidas NMD NYC Printed series retail IMA
adidas NMD NYC Printed series retail IMA
adidas NMD NYC Printed series retail IMA

Making it happen

For us, the cities were the canvas on which to create our story. Each campaign drew parallels with the creators that inhabit these areas, from those exploring their creativity all around, to those using their creativity to shape their city.

Key visuals were captured on location, alongside dynamic motion content for the hype, tease and launch phases of the campaign. The graphic treatment created a confident visual identity for the campaign that stood out from the crowd in a saturated sneaker market.

Activations like NMD_NYC’s “Print The City”, which saw Foot Locker’s social team being taken on a tour of NYC in branded pedicabs to discover guerilla campaign projections, helped generate organic social content and future hype.

Printed Series graffiti by IMA Intermarketing

Thank you for helping us exceed expectations and crush our sell-through targets! Both adidas and Foot Locker leadership teams are happy with the execution. Amazing work by the IMA team.

Andrew Lui, Marketing Manager for adidas America

The results


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