A retail experience like no other

Delivering a truly unmissable and personal experience, inspired by Beyoncé’s creative process.

The challenge

After the first adidas x IVY PARK drop sold out in 72 hours, the second drop was one of the most anticipated of the year. So we created a campaign that lived up to that hype.

Making it happen

Working closely with Beyonce’s creative team we developed how THIS IS MY PARK would come to life in retail – an inclusive campaign that reflected the spaces, both mental and physical, where inspiration is born. We brought this to life with an unforgettable, disruptive takeover of adidas’ London flagship store. RFID “magic” mirrors, digital lookbooks and photo opportunities created immersive areas for escape and reflection. Inviting visitors into Beyoncé’s world to explore their own creativity. The same care and attention were given to the smaller Hanbury Street and Carnaby Street stores. Designing launch zones and windows that fit each store’s unique feel to continue this story of self-expression. Our global toolkit helped bring this launch to more stores and make this drop even more impactful than the first.


Beyonce herself was incredibly happy with the end results, which offered an exciting and immersive shopping experience that sparked the joy many needed after months with no access to creative escapes due to the pandemic.