Kirkstall Forge

Exceptional UX for ultimate flexibility

The challenge

Kirkstall Forge is a pioneering new place to live and work situated on the banks of the River Aire, a few miles west of Leeds city centre. This entirely new neighbourhood has been created by property investors and developers, CEG. It will include quality commercial property, new homes and a wealth of complementary facilities.

With very different audiences to consider, potential retailers, businesses and residents, we needed to create a website with exceptional UX. The branding was created by Thompson Brand Partners. We brought it to life online, ensuring there was unmistakably clear signposting. Showcasing CGIs of the development, from floor plans to building specs and facilities. As well as calling out all the other associated benefits, location, lifestyle and transportation links – key considerations involved in the research stages of moving to a new office space or home.

Kirkstall Forge CGI Render

Making it happen

We built an attractive, style-conscious website using a blend of WordPress and Symfony. Its deployment is phased, intended to grow in-line with the site’s development stages. Phase one was centred around lead generation and sign-ups.

To provide ultimate flexibility, this was a truly modular site with the ability to custom select blocks on each page. Leveraging the strengths of both platforms – WordPress for content administration and Symfony to do the heavy lifting of user registrations and API integrations.