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Nosy Crow

Nosy Crow publish the best children’s books in the world. At least we think so!

Refreshing the website was an incredible experience from start to finish. We had the opportunity to revisit their expanding portfolio and how this is presented on the web. Transposing skeuomorphic brand elements into an effective web design was a challenge the whole team enjoyed. From wobbly borders to hand drawn text, we had fun making it work in a way that is easy to use and looks good on every device.

We used WordPress and WooCommerce for this project. From rich brochure pages to e-commerce with mission critical stock integrations, our aim was to make management as seamless, quick and accessible


Nosy Crow look after hundreds of household names from “The Gruffalo” to “Nicola Byrns’s “Use your Imagination”.

We used a responsive design to make sure the site looks good on every device. Mobile traffic was a real focus for the UI, with over 50% of traffic being tablet or mobile sized devices.

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