Full stomachs and meat sweats.


Reds True Barbecue

Crashing the UK barbecue party one smoker at a time, from their first restaurant in Leeds in 2012, Reds have taken a campaign for good barbecue across the country.

Ahead of their fourth restaurant opening in Shoreditch, we built them a new website to handle the rapidly increasing levels of content and traffic coming from their cult of ‘believers’.

Reds have become notorious for their innovative marketing strategies, from pop-up grills to their annual pilgrimage across the states, we needed a platform that would be flexible enough to support them.


Red’s have invested a huge amount of time and energy into building the brand offline, so it’s important that this was carried through online in both the style of the site and the wider user experience.

Each restaurant has its own pages with unique menus, contact details and integrated Google Street View, which allows visitors to explore the venues.

The about page tells the Red’s story and reinforces the core brand messages. Full-screen illustrations animate as the user scrolls through the page, giving them a rich user experience.

Each year the Red’s crew jump in an RV for their Pilgrimage across the barbecue belt southern states of America. So the site includes an application based on Google Maps that allows Red’s ‘believers’ to follow the road trip – and feast on the mouth-watering blogs, photos and videos of the very best in barbecue.

Now why do we feel hungry!?

While Red’s discover the best authentic barbecue on their their annual Pilgrimage road trip across the USA, our Digital team gave their believers a platform to follow the adventure online in real-time.

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