These shoes are green

Toms shoe on a blue leafy background

The challenge

Earthwise™ is TOMS’ biggest story for 2020. With this range of eco-friendly shoes set to drop, our challenge was clear: get people excited about the sustainable materials and processes. Inspiring them to stomp down their environmental footprint while staying stylish. Because everything goes with green.

The heal of a Toms shoe

Making it happen

The drop featured two shoes. One dyed using botanical pigments derived from plants. The other created from recycled plastic bottles. Telling the story of these sustainable and natural materials formed the basis of our campaign.

We created a standout visual language by exploring the natural yet unexpected textures and colours of the shoes. Putting the sustainable credentials centre stage, alongside the footwear.

This all came to life through Instagram stories, paid media and show-stopping windows and POS with a message grounded in straight-to-the-point language.